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This is a poem from a friend when I leave my home, and I like it very much. Whenever I think of friends, I will read once, so I can not quiet a long time.

Make up my mind to go abroad, do not to mull things over and over again. England, wait for me!

“Goodbye to you, my trusted friend,

we’ve known each other since we were nine or ten;

together we’ve climbed hills and trees,

learned of love and A-B-C`s,

skinned our hearts and skinned our knees.”

“Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me,

I was the black sheep of the family;

you tried to teach me right from wrong,

too much wine and too much song…..”


photo by weiwei<my friend who went there with me>
I went to the Westlake for experiencing the romantic air and the relaxing atmosphere and ended up with super affectionateness for Shaoxing Opera swirl around the lake.
On the minute I stepped out the Hangzhou East Railway Station, I was quite down by the sight spreaded in front of my eyes,what a mess it was ! People with luggages small or big came and went in a mess,hawkers,peddlers put things in no order, ticket touts whispered to you every now and then,and a louderspeaker warning people of cheaters and deceivers endlessly. No matter what a mess it was I need to buy my ticket back to Wenzhou in advance. The ticket office was no better,shabby and old,the railing was rusty,yet the clerks were all beauties.

After buying the ticket,I was sort of hungry,but it would give me a indigestion eating in dining rooms around the station. Luckily,there’s a supermarket in a walking distance. I bought s and drinks there and then headed to the nearest bus station,getting on the K31 bus straight to the Westlake. The sight along was quite different from the unpleasant station,skyscrapers in order and lush green plants shadowed the whole city.The saying goes that Hangzhou is a city full of civilization atmosphere,however,my time was limit and I can only feel it from around the west lake,it would cost more and dig deeper to get the sense from the city center.

I got off at the stop of NO.1 Municipal Hospital and walk to my final destination. My passion paid off,upon arriving,I even didn’t believe that there’s a glam and glitter of a modern city right around the corner.There were so many waiting to be explored. The famous lake presented itself in obscurity with magnificent sightseeing boats floating on and weeping willows standing by. Too many people were taking photos,including me without exception but only once in a while,for I’ve become not so interested in photo shooting after too much during previous trips.

True,the air was different from anywhere else I had been before, clean and spacious, easing and relaxing. Roaming around and fancying about the famous loving story known to every household,then a familiar melody came to my ear,following the sound I found myself in the mid of a group of Shaoxing Opera fans. Stunned and excited,I stand there still,listening attentively.They were not just fans,they were born singers who can sing Shaoxing Opera with a cinch,among them were not only grannies and grandpas,but also midlle-aged women and men, others worth to mention is many in my age were also around to appreciate their excellent performances. Not come singly but in groups, I came across one group after another,all spent some time listening to all of their singing,they made me wonder how many crouching tigers and hidden dragons were there around the lake. Pleasing rhythm and pleasant scenery, fair stories came to my mind vividly….

Birds came to you closely ,squirrels jump down from trees now and then. Standing by the vast lake,I thought of two line from a famous poet despite it’s near autumn : facing the sea,spring comes and flowers blossom. How lucky that the people live near the lake and what coziness they enjoy! Charming and poetic, calm and unflustered,and then the music fountain and rows of ripples in my heart…